The School of Business was established in January, 2011. It offers Bachelor's degrees, Master's Degrees and PhD in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Procurement and Logistics Management. Currently, the school offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes: Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Majoring in Business Sector and Public Sector); Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in; Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Procurement and Logistics Managements); Master of Science (Majoring in Accounting and Finance; Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Procurements and Logistics Managements) and Masters of Business Administration (Corporate Management).

The School also provides consultancy and training services in the fields of business to government institutions such as local governments‟ authorities, ministries and government departments. In the private sectors various companies benefits from the consultancies, and training offered by the members of academics of the school in Tanzania and abroad. The School has links to local professional boards such as National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA-T), The Procurement and Supplies Professional and Technicians Board (PSPTB). Internationally the School is a member to the Association of African Business Schools (AABS).

In line with the vision and mission of Mzumbe University, the School is committed to developing highly qualified graduates in the areas mentioned above with the capacity and competence to manage and promote entrepreneurial development efforts both at national and at international level. This will be achieved through providing demand driven curriculum that equips students with both theoretical and practical
Our Mission
To promote and enhance the quality of university services through cooperation with staff and students as they interact with one another for the advancement of teaching, learning, research and community services.
Our Vision
To become a fully established university advisory and regulatory organ on all matters that affect the quality of teaching and learning processes.


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